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Regina is south central Saskatchewan, Canada. It is only 160 kilometers from the US border. With an annual precipitation of 300 mm, Regina is one of the two important industrial cities in Canada, mainly including oil refining, machinery manufacturing, agricultural machinery equipment, metal processing, chemical industry and food industry. With beautiful scenery and numerous historical sites, the urban area is a comprehensive city with both industry and agriculture, chemical industry, furniture manufacturing and commerce. It used to be a place for hunting bison. It was the capital of Northwest China from 1883 to 1905. It became the capital of Saskatchewan in 1906. It is the main material distribution center and supply point in the surrounding plain area rich in wheat. It is located at the intersection of highway and railway.
Saskatoon is a city in South Central Saskatchewan, Canada. 52.2 degrees north latitude, 106.7 degrees west longitude, 501 meters above sea level. Across the Saskatchewan River, 240 kilometers north of reginasi. Saskatoon, a beautiful grassland City, is the product manufacturing and distribution center in the West and middle of Saskatchewan, Canada. It is the largest city and economic center in the province, about 250 kilometers away from the provincial capital Regina. Saskatoon is an emerging city. It was inhabited only in 1890. It was founded in 1906 and about 135000 people in 1970. As of June 2014, with a total population of 261000 and 295600 in the metropolitan area, it is the most populous city in Saskatchewan.
萨斯卡通(Saskatoon)是加拿大萨斯喀彻温省中南部城市。北纬52.2 度, 西经106.7 度, 海拔 501 米。跨萨斯喀彻温河两岸,里贾纳西北约240公里。 萨斯卡通市,这座风景秀丽的草原城市,是加拿大萨斯喀彻温省西,中部产品制造和集散中心,该省第一大城市和经济中心,距省会里贾纳约250公里。萨斯卡通市是一座新兴城市,一八九零年这里才有人居住,一九零六年建市,一九七零年约有十三万五千人。截止到2014年6月,共有人口261000人,都市区295,600人,是萨斯喀彻温省人口最多的城市。
Roukeyi (1854-1914, William W. Rockhill), also translated as Rockhill; American diplomat and sinologist. He has been active in the U.S. foreign service since 1884. In the same year, he came to China and successively served as the second secretary and the first Secretary of the US embassy in Beijing. He has successively served as the U.S. charg é d'affaires in Seoul, the Secretary General of the U.S. State Department, the third and first assistant secretary of state, and the U.S. ambassador to Romania in 1897. He served as US ambassador to China from 1905 to 1909. From 1909 to 1911, he served as U.S. ambassador to Russia. From 1911 to 1913, he served as U.S. ambassador to Turkey. Zoke Yi made an in-depth study of the transportation history of ancient China, Nanyang and the West.
柔克义(1854年-1914年,William W. Rockhill),又译罗克希尔;美国外交官、汉学家。1884年起活跃于美国外交部门。同年来华,在北京美国驻华公使馆先后任二秘、一秘。历任美国驻朝鲜汉城代办、美国国务院秘书长、第三、第一助理国务卿、1897年任美国驻罗马尼亚大使。1905年至1909年任美国驻华大使。1909年-1911年任美国驻俄罗斯大使。1911年-1913任年美国驻土耳其大使。柔克义对古代中国和南洋、西洋的交通史,曾作深入的研究。
Charleston is located at the confluence of Cooper River and Ashley River on the southeast coast of South Carolina in the east of the United States. At the top of Charleston Bay and close to the west side of the Atlantic Ocean, Charleston is the main port of South Carolina. The International Airport is about 16km away from the wharf, and there are regular liners to all over the world. The port has a subtropical monsoon climate, with the highest annual average temperature of 27 ℃ and the lowest of 8 ℃. The annual average rainfall is about 1500mm. The average tidal range is 1.5 ~ 1.8m. Charleston port is the fourth largest international container port in the United States, and its international container handling capacity has maintained a continuous upward trend. On December 26, 2019, it ranked 431 on the list of global top 500 cities in 2019.
查尔斯顿(charleston)位于美国东部南卡罗来纳(SOUTH CAROLINA)州东南沿海科佩尔(COOPER)河与阿什莱(ASHLEY)河汇合处,在查尔斯顿湾的顶端,濒临大西洋的西侧,是南卡罗来纳州的主要港口。国际机场距码头约16km,有定期班轮飞往世界各地。该港属亚热带季风气候,年平均气温最高27℃,最低8℃。全年平均降雨量约1500mm。平均潮差为1.5~1.8m。查尔斯顿港是美国第四大国际集装箱港口,其国际集装箱处理量一直保持持续上升趋势。2019年12月26日,位列2019年全球城市500强榜单第431名。
Hilton Head Island is located in South Carolina.
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